Homeless & Pregnant

 I’m very open about the fact I’ve been through homelessness, it was the hardest experience I’ve ever been through. 

So back in 2013 I was kicked out of my family home by my parents. I was a fucking nightmare, I treated everyone like shit and had no respect for my parents so it resulted in my being kicked out just before Christmas. Do I hate my family for it? NOPE, if anything it was the best thing they ever did for me, it made me grow up and realise my actions were unacceptable.

Shortly after being kicked out (literally a week later) I discovered I was pregnant, perfect timing or what! So not only was I homeless but now I was pregnant as well…so anyway I spent 3 weeks living with my friend before moving in with my grandad and spending a month at his, after a few issues I was moved into a homeless shelter, I won’t lie it was grim but a roof over your head is a roof over your head. After two weeks I was moved into another homeless shelter where I spent the next 19 weeks, I made friends in there and even enemies, after a couple of weeks I decided to keep myself to myself and stay out of everyone’s way until it was time for me to move into homeless families. At 34 weeks pregnant I was moved into homeless families accommodation where I stayed for the next 4 weeks before moving into the little home I’m in now!

I was one of the very lucky homeless people that lived in a shelter, I could’ve been on the streets living in awful conditions. You start to appreciate the small things in life when you’re in homelessness, for example I had to share a toilet and bathroom with 14 other women for almost 5 months, so having my own toilet now is great!

Going through homelessness was hard enough but being pregnant just made it even harder for me, luckily I had such amazing support from my friends and even got a stronger relationship with my parents and family. Funnily enough I live on the road next to my family… still couldn’t get rid of me even if they did try! 


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