Fed is best 

Now I forever heard “breast is best” when I was pregnant and I’ll never disagree with it. I had many judgments over my decision to not breastfeed or even trying it, the best one was off my own GP who told me she thought it was disgusting that I didn’t even want to try… (guess who no longer works at my surgery).I believe it’s a mothers choice on how she feeds her baby, I chose bottles for Heidi and I don’t see any difference in her compared to breastfed babies. Feed your babies the way you wish, if you want to breastfeed then you whip that boob out and feed your baby! If you want to formula feed the baby then mix that shit together and stick it in a bottle and get your baby fed!

The only time feeding should concern you is when a baby isn’t being fed, otherwise keep your nose out of someone’s feeding business! 

Fed will and forever be the best!


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