Working and parenting

I’ve worked since I was 17, so getting pregnant was a big hit to the system, I wanted to work all the way through my pregnancy but due to not having a fixed address it was extremely hard so I stopped working and my god I was fucking bored 24/7. 
After Heidi was born I wanted to go back to work almost immediately, I’m talking 3 weeks after popping her out… everyone said I was crazy even at my interview, but the hours couldn’t work so I decided to put it off for a year and I’m so glad I did! 

I got to see all of Heidi’s firsts and got such an unbreakable bond with her, the September after her first birthday I started back at college and Heidi started nursery, I hated leaving her with people I didn’t know but we needed to spend some time away from each other and get into a proper routine, I honestly believe it was the best thing for us, even if I did hate the nursery.

Around March I started working again, Only part time but with college and parenting along side it was bloody hectic! I was hardly seeing Heidi due to working evenings and I was snapping all the time, when my course ended I put Heidi in a different nursery on the days I worked and she took to it straight away and so did I. In September I switched jobs to one closer to home and switched Heidi’s hours and it was the best decision for us both, Heidi is in a perfect routine and so clever for her age (just to brag a bit there).

It was a very hard year for me but I pulled through and passed my course and I’m quite good at my job and Heidi’s still breathing so I’ve done alright. Parenting itself is flipping hard work, and working is hard work, if I could afford it I’d sit at home and put Heidi in nursery on her free 15 hours… but unfortunately I have a Next card to pay off… 

Starting September I’ll be repeating last year all over again, starting my HND course, working and trying to tame my child.. 
I must be fucking mental. 


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