On Monday, a terrorist by the name of CUNT decided to set off a bomb in the Manchester Evening News Arena as people were leaving the Ariana Grande concert, this bombing took the lives of 22 people, the youngest victim being 8 years old. This premeditated attack has devastated my city.

Yes we’re all in mourning for the victims lost and those still fighting for their lives but we honestly cannot let this attack dampen our spirits! We are Manchester, even in darkness we have to carry on, the bombing of the Anrdale back in 1996 didn’t stop us, yes no lives were lost but still it didn’t stop us, we carried on, got stronger as a community and after the recent events over the past few days we can do this again, our city has got to be one of the strongest I’ve ever seen, 100s possibly 1000s have inked their skin with the Manchester Bee, millions have been raised for the victims/victims families and even after a tearful minute silence people spontaneously broke out in song!

It’s okay to be angry, I’m furious some little wanker can do such a heartless thing especially where children are concerned, Terrorist want us to fear them, why give them the satisfaction, a piece of dog shit has more intelligence than a terrorist.

Rest in peace
Saffie Rose Roussos aged 8 from Tarleton, Lancs
Eilidh MacLeod aged 14 from Isle of Barra
Nell Jones aged 14 from Goostrey, Cheshire
Sorrell Leczkowski aged 14 from Leeds
Megan Hurley aged 15 from Liverpool
Olivia Campbell aged 15 from Bury
Chloe Rutherford aged 17 from South Shields
Georgina Callander aged 18 from Whittle-le-Woods, Lancs
Liam Curry aged 19 from South Shields
Courtney Boyle aged 19 from Gateshead
John Atkinson aged 26 from Radcliffe, Manchester
Martyn Hett aged 29 from Stockport
Kelly Brewster aged 32 from Sheffield
Philip Tron aged 32 from Gateshead
Angelika Klis aged 40 form Poland
Marcin Klis aged 42 from Poland
Lisa Lees aged 43 from Royton
Elaine McIver aged 43 from Cheshire
Alison Howe aged 44 from Royton
Michelle Kiss aged 45 from Blackburn
Wendy Fawell aged 50 from Otley, Leeds
Jane Tweddle-Taylor aged 51 from Blackpool


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