Self love

After having Heidi I hated my body, I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror because I felt that minging, I was constantly put down about my weight gain by my ex partner so that made me eat more and of course that only fuelled the weight gain…  Last year I decided to say fuck it and embrace my new body, as long as I love my body why should I care what others think? I’ve been called fat and it doesn’t bother me, my bmi says I’m healthy… might have a few rolls and an extra couple of chins but as long as my bmi is below 25 I’m all good!

I want my daughter to grow up to love her body too, I’m sure she wishes she has rolls like me because she’s forever trying to wiggle mine.

Everyone needs to learn to love their bodies no matter what shape and size they are, doesn’t matter if some little fucker doesn’t like it, as long as you do who cares!


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