Trust your instincts!

After picking Heidi up from nursery on Monday I was told she was itching all over and asked if she was allergic to her sun cream, knowing she isn’t I said no, to nursery it looked like “prickly heat”, so I went straight to the chemist to get some ointment to sooth her itching.

Shortly after Heidi went to bed she woke up crying and then threw up everywhere, she came onto the sofa with me and had some water, my sister advised me to ring NHS 111 for advice, by this point Heidi was closing her eyes and wasn’t acting like her normal self (even when she’s been sick before this wasn’t like her!), during the phone call Heidi threw up 3 times in a row so they sent for an ambulance, an hour later still no ambulance, I managed to get Heidi to walk around a bit and she threw up again, immediately rang 999 and an ambulance came in a few minutes, Heidi’s obs were taken and we went straight to hospital, further checks were done to make sure it wasn’t anything serious and after some medicine and fluids Heidi was allowed home with instructions to keep her off nursery the next day.

When it comes to your children you know straight away when they’re not acting themselves and Heidi was completely different! After a day off nursery and chilling out Heidi is back to normal loud, chatty and little shite self!

I love this little turd even if she is going to cause me to have a heart attack before I’m 30!!


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