Letting your guard down

Imagine going through domestic violence and thinking you’ll never trust another male. That was me until I met you. We started speaking last August and things were good, you came over we chatted and I let you in, I told you how it was hard for me to trust people after what I had been through and you told me you were “still sore” over things with your ex. We agreed to take things slow and see what happens, feelings weren’t a problem but timing was.

After a couple of months you went silent due to a move away from Manchester, we got back in touch a few months later and things took off where they were left, we spoke every day for almost 5 months, sending memes and intimate pictures. A day came when you said something strange and I got annoyed and told you how I felt, a few days later I said I was over it and all good. Then all of a sudden, there was silence, i popped up a few times and nothing back. 

What had I done wrong? You never said go away or leave me alone. It was pure silence. Until today, when your girlfriend messaged me, she told me to stop messaging you because you weren’t interested and said it was low of me because you had a girlfriend, how was I supposed to know? You never indicated you had one? 2 hours later you messaged “sorry I’m taken” that was it nothing else. I then find out off her you’ve been together since October… OCTOBER the month you were still coming to my house, the month we were still talking…. 

I let you in and you hurt me worse than anyone ever has. I put trust in you and you made me feel safe. All that is now ruined. You’ve made me out to look like a psycho who was harassing you. All I ever wanted was a simple answer. You’ve hurt me and for what? I never did anything wrong. If putting time and effort into something is wrong then so be it.

I’ve never wanted to be the “other woman” but that’s what you’ve now made me. 


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